Monday, February 11, 2008

Couscous with Peas and Green Onions

Couscous. What a stupid word. Too bad. Couscous is one of our favorite sides in our family. It is a grain and tasty. It cooks in 5 minutes, that's it. And it is very versatile. The one downside to couscous is that it is really messy with little kids. When I make this, I wipe it off Jack's clothes and leave it on the floor until the next day when it has dried and is easier to sweep up.

1 1/2 cups chicken stock
1 Tbsp butter
Olive oil
1 1/2 cups couscous
1 cup green peas
2 green onions, chopped

Bring chicken stock, butter and a drizzle of olive oil to a boil in a medium pot with a tight fitting lid. When stock boils, add couscous, peas and green onions to pot. Turn off heat, stir and set lid in place. Let stand 5 minutes then uncover, fluff with a fork and season with salt and pepper. Transfer to a serving dish.