Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Icey Epidural

I have a very good friend named Ashley. Ashley has two beautiful little girls. She worked extra hard for the second one. The second one came sans epidural. The baby came so fast that she didn’t have time to get some pain relief. After delivery, her sweet husband felt terrible for the pain his wife had to endure. To try and show her how terrible he felt, he gave her $1000, the $1000 that was supposed to be used for the epidural. I think that is a pretty good deal. Get paid to have a baby. But the no-epidural part isn’t so good.

So there was this one time I had a baby a week and a half ago. I think I should be rewarded for how hard I worked. It isn’t easy to sit in a hospital bed all day and wait for things to happen. I am not asking for $1000, I am just asking for an ice cream maker. Yes, I said an ice cream maker. And actually, I am not even asking for it. I am announcing that I already bought one. So Ethan, here is my official announcement. I just bought an ice cream maker and it will be here after the Fourth of July.

So good work Whitney. Because you made and delivered such a handsome baby boy, you get to buy yourself an ice cream maker. And everyone else, you should buy an ice cream maker too. I am about to dig into my treasure trove of ice cream recipes that I have been saving up for when I finally got an ice cream maker. First on the list: Blueberry and Lavender Sorbet.