Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ch-ch-ch|Check it!

Welcome to the new and improved Rookie Cookie!
I am so excited about this new approach and design. Rookie Cookie will not only be food. It will also include the mussings that would have normally been posted on Whit. Ing. So food and fun! You are all so lucky!

Wanna spread the Rookie love? Add this button to your blog. Be sure to link it to
Also, comments are now on forever. So now you can let me and everyone else know what is on your mind.


Morgan said...

i love it. i'll for sure be using that button and spreading the love.
you need fridge magnets or something too...

Tricia said...

You weren't kidding about big changes!!!

Rookie Cookie looks fantastic!

I'm impressed. And really really hungry for those shredded pork tacos.....holy moly those look delicious.

Ok, so I've always wondered, where the name Rookie Cookie originated? Care to elaborate?

So anyway, congratulations. I just ate a cookie for breakfast in honor of the new and improved Rookie-Cookie.

whit. ing. said...

Morgan, fridge magnet huh? I'll get Megan on that right away.

Trish, that's the spirit! Eat cookies! I just ate some of your carrot cake! The name Rookie Cookie? That came from seeing a recipe review online and one of the reviewers screen name was rookie cook. So I basically stole it. I hope they don't care.

Jodi Jean said...

if you're really interested in magnets ... talk to me about it. i have some ideas.