Monday, August 11, 2008

Fa Fa Fa Friday

Son One is very afraid of the vacuum, blender, food processor, ice cream maker, blow dryer, and Ethan's motorcycle. They are all too loud for him. Above is a picture of how he likes to help vacuum. I kind of think he is a bit of a wimp. Come on dude, you are 3 1/2.

On Friday, I heard myself saying this.

“Jack, stop trying to feed your brother stickers. Babies can’t eat stickers. Van will have to go to the hospital if he eats stickers.”


cat+tadd said...

And then if Van goes to the hospital, all the family will be alarmed, so we'll all head down to yes, Jack, please feed your brother stickers.

My World said...

This picture is worth a thousand words! I LOVE it! Jack is hilarious!

I can't stop laughing!!! TOO CUTE!!!

sue ;-P said...

Reminds me of Mal and how she would freak when the garbage truck came at 5 am on Thursdays; she would wake up and cry all the way upstairs to our bed.

I think she was, like, 15.

Jodi Jean said...

haha ... aidan used to freak ... now he rides the cannister like a horse and slows me down.

and i'm pretty sure nobody should eat stickers ... thats not limited to only babies.

Tricia said...

i had a comment all typed and my computer ate it! Anyway, i can't remember what I I'll start over.

Isn't it funny what we find ourselves saying to our kids?

And I think the best part of that picture is that there is a man pushing that vacuum. woot woot!

Jones Family said...

Pa Pa Pa Paerfect! Nothing like a man vacuuming!

PS. Stickers come out the other end, completely intact. You know, if you were wondering.

whitney said...

Cat, you didn't come down when Jack had his surgery... I guess you don't love him.

Penny, yeah funny, but not as funny as Jhett waiting for the bottle of Mrs. Butterworth to talk to him.

SueP, I loved the garbage trucks. I remember sitting by the heater vent and watching the truck out the front windows- in my childhood house- that you sold. Mean mean mean.

Jodi, I just pictured Aiden riding your vacuum with a cowboy hat and six shooter. Yee haw!

Trish, I am sure you have said even more interesting things. Your kids are older. The older they get, the more bizarre their ideas get.

Jones Family, yes, it is nice to have Ethan's vacuum. He complains, but he does it.