Friday, August 8, 2008

Freakin' Weekend

What I am excited for this weekend:
1. THE OLYMPICS!!! We heart the Olympics around here.
2. Going out to dinner with Ethan and Van tonight. Sorry Jack.
3. Looking at bikes. I am going to buy a bike pretty soon because I have wanted one forever.
4. Avoiding cleaning my bathrooms.
5. Figuring out next week's menu.
7. Gather everything together for my baby shower assignments. Girl baby showers are so much more fun than boy baby showers.
8. Going to a cooking class at the Kitchen Shoppe in Glendora. I have been waiting for this for weeks.
9. Trying our darndest to be on time to church. We are quite terrible about that.

What are your grand plans for the weekend?


sue ;-P said...

Big Weekend Events for Sue:

Clean house

Salem Days Parade - Lauren will be in it with her Dance Company

Cleaning the church with the youth and pancake breakfast cooked by bishopric after.

Teach Laurel class

Ward counsel

Various YW duties

Sunday steak dinner for Trish's brother Tyler because he came to church three weeks in a row

Anderson Family said...

I'm gonna relax with my family! Thanks for the photo sites. I love them. Send more my way if you come across any more!! I love looking at other pics.

heather said...

work out
hang out with wendy
read some good books while she sleeps
date night tonight
yo gabba wrap party tomorrow
...AND same as #9 on your list. 9am church should be illegal.

T&C said...

We heart the olympics too, but we are having Thai food during opening festivities.

beck said...

my weekends are the same as weekdays when adam works/has school. like he does this sat. so I don't have much of anything I am doing. I get to plan a lesson for church. I did make a onesie and ship it out so that was exciting for me!remember if you need any cute baby shower gifts...

(sorry for the lame advertising tactic.)

Valerie said...

It worked and they were delcious!

As for my plans:

*Dinner menu planning tonight

*Crate and Barrell shopping for new table linens.

*Back to school clothes shopping for Aden.

*Making your Herbed Couscous tomorrow.

*Sorry, I never watch TV.