Friday, August 22, 2008

Patronus! Now!

I know there are more Harry Potter sluts out there than have commented and told me what their patronus is. And yes, I just typed Harry Potter sluts out loud.

So I think I have given you all enough time. Go ahead, scroll down, look for the picture of my sweet, little 10-week-old wearing the red onesie. Then comment on that post and tell me what your patronus is. Do it or you know what will happen... Avada Kadavra!!!!!


Shar said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Where all of your American Idol questions are answered. Or not.

I've been thinking that when things slow down (which may be never) I'm going to become a Harry Potter slut, fo shizzle! And then I'll find out what a patronus is, and let you know.

And I'm from Redlands originally(I currently live in NM). LOVE Victoria Gardens!

Cute blog! I'm definitely going to have to try out your wheat bread. Looks delicious.

Kar said...

I've actually been thinking about this the past couple of days and I haven't found my perfect patronus yet. But when I do I'll let you know, afterall, I'm an HP slut as well.

Also, I was at this craft type store today and my nephew pulled this random little wooden bird out of the shelves (and when I say random - it was because we were on the clock aisle) , anyway, I instantly thought of you, it was so simply carved and painted white and stuck on a little stand. I thought about getting it for you, but then thought that'd be really weird of me, so I didn't. But I know you like birds, and I actually really liked this one. Anyway, there's a story for you that went absolutely no where.

Tricia said...

While Avada Kadavra sounds like expensive hair product to me, I'm guessing it can't be a good thing.

So after hearing from my kid about what a Patronus is, I think I sort of get it.

And my first thought was a color. But apparently it has to be a thing.

So, I choose, Red Geraniums.

(Please let that not sound lame.)

I need to read HP so I don't feel left out of these brings back memories of when my large chested co-workers would talk about their horrible, huge, painful bra straps, and I couldn't contribute a darn thing to the conversation....because what would *I* know about that?!

Tricia said...

crap....does it have to be an animal?

Tricia said...

this will be it....i swear. i'm laughing my head off because I'm a complete retard. i have to start all over. it has to be an animal. he never said it had to be an animal.


Then I choose a Bulldog. Kind of lazy, a little clumsy and out of breath most of the time, but friendly, loyal, protective, and fiesty when it counts. Plus, the more wrinkles, the better the ol' dog.

T&C said...

Well, I would have to say a bird for sure, and preferably one that lives by the Ocean. But Seagulls are greedy little biches, so I am going with a Pelican. Yes a pelican will fit quite nicely I think.

cat+tadd said...

I'm actually stumped on this one. I've been thinking about it a lot...can a Vampire be an animal?

heather said...

proud harry potter slut here. i feel the same way as cat. i'm stumped. i totally laughed at the vampire thing!

i'm also bummed sparrow is taken. i'd probably be some soft, wimpy thing like a dolphin or a butterfly or a sea horse... when deep down i'd like it to be more like a lion.

probably a sea horse.

rookie cookie said...

Shar, Vicky's Garden's is the best. We have Pinkberry! Rancho has totally arrived.

Kar, I am a little disappointed in your lack of patronus. Get a move on. And you are an extra slut because you didn't buy me that bird. I think of you whenever I see mustache anything. Oh my gosh! Did we just become best friends?

Trish, you are like Megan. Megan is her yorkie Sophielia. And now you have to read the books.

Cindy, both Ethan and I just laughed our heads off when you said "greedy little bitches." Brilliance.

Cat, I can't believe you can't figure one out. We have totally had this conversations at Mom's.

Heather, a seahorse is sly and quick. Don't be afraid to be soft.

ruth said...

Whitney- i'm struggling. I wish I could say something cool like a Unicorn, but i probably really be a kangaroo with Harper kickin it in my pouch