Monday, August 25, 2008

Sous Chef

Last Friday night, I was Ethan’s sous chef. His feet are approaching unbearable. Fortunately, we are only a few weeks away from surgery day. But until then, I am trying to convince him to stay off his feet as much as possible. So I packed up my two favorite knives that I love just as much as I love my children and I took charge of his kitchen while he directed me in his food prep.

I seared off 20 portions of stuffed pork tenderloin and whisked the heck out of a béarnaise sauce to go with them. I cooked 20 filet mignon steaks to a tender medium rare for the filet bagette hors d‘ouvres. I prepared 45 pieces of pineapple chicken. And then we both worked on a teriyaki beef and coconut rice. And to end it all, I did all the dishes.

After all that, I had never been so tired.

I have a whole new respect for Ethan and how hard he works. And with constant foot pain. So my hats off to you honey. You work harder than I ever could.

p.s. Sure hope that no one found any hair in their food. My post-partum hair loss is getting out of control.


Mallory said...

Wow, that is a lot of work. Man, I have new respect too for the catering biz.

cat+tadd said...

For real. I cannot grasp cooking in any amount at all, so this amazes me. Don't worry about the hair, yours is the most perfect of them all.

meg said...

You have nice hair. I'll be it was tasty.

Tricia said...

And you are wearing cute earrings while working so hard. Awesome.

rookie cookie said...

Mallory, tell Ethan that. He would appreciate it.

Cat, my perfect hair is swirling down the shower drain more and more everyday.

Meg, my hair doesn't taste good. It gets in Ethan's mouth when we kiss :) He hates it.

Trish, cuteness is key.