Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bless the Beasts and the Children

Does your family have an anthem? A song or album that makes everyone happy and calms down the minis? We do and it is The Carpenter’s “A Song For You” album. It started out being Jack’s simmer down music. When he was about a year old, listening to “A Song For You” would help him relax and fall asleep. I suppose the smooth, dulcet tones of Karen Carpenter’s voice sings to Jack’s soul, or something.

Since that album was always our saving grace, we listened to it a lot. Both Ethan and I have the entire album memorized. Ethan can even give you a great rendition of the guitar solo in “Goodbye To Love”, with his mouth. When Jack is being a beast, I like to sing “Hurting Each Other” to him. And there is no way to get a better laugh than listening to Richard Carpenter lisp away on “Piano Picker”. Go ahead and cruise on over to iTunes and look that one up. You will thank me.

As annoying as both of us claim this album is, we still go back to it. I think it calms us all down.

What does your family listen to over and over again
without it getting old?


Janeen said...

My parents had us grow up on the classic “movie wise”! So when the Music Man with Matthew Broderick came we received it from my parents, the kids love it, so I purchased the movie sound track. It is in our CD player in the car, and that is all that we listen to. I can’t speak for Chad but the kids and I have to whole sound track memorized.

sue ;-P said...

Thriller, by Michael Jackson.

cat+tadd said...

"Rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby" (thanks Rick)

Slacker Mama said...

Everyone else in my family (husband and two girls) can listen to "Rocky Top" over and over and over again. The version they listen to is by Appalachain Stomp, so it's extra bluegrass-y.

As soon as the girls jump into John's car they start screaming "Rop Top." And I start wishing that I was driving separately.

MamaDonna said...

Always has been and always will be "Celtic Woman". Its even branched out to Anthony and Brianna. It is our go to, get everyone calmed down and sitting, DVD/CD. Plus there is lots of variety because their are 2 with celtic music and 1 with Christmas music. So we have stuff for anytime of year!

rookie cookie said...

Neen, oh the "Music Man". I love that movie too. But I am not familiar with the Matthew Broderick one. We will have to check it out.

Mom, of course. And now Caitlyn is learning the dance!

Kitten, for reals? Yeah, thanks Rick.

Slacker, awe, come on! Don't be a slacker. "Rop Top" forever.

Donna, I knew that one. I remember when Cadence was first getting into that. I always think of her when I hear any Celtic music.

sue ;-P said...

Actually, to be correct, it is the whole Thriller album.