Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I know this person who makes awesome quilts. This person is my mother-in-law, Dianne. Here is her latest creation, Van’s Grandma Ingram quilt.

I like to sit a stare at all the different patterns and try and decide which is my favorite. Of course, I can’t choose one. Sure, this blanket is for Van and yes, it does have his name on it. But really, that means nothing to me. I am going to keep it until Van’s wife steals it from me someday.


Morgan said...

love it.

Haley Hall said...

Holy crap! She is amazing! I want one, I want one!

Janeen said...

I love it. my most fav items that I have kept for the kids are the items that people have made for them. I have to say I believe that they are the best gifts given! Your mother-inlaw is very talented.

I miss you Whit. Are you going to be going to Sacramento in December for Betty the Greats party? If yes, I am excitted because I be there too.

Jones Family said...

Who does the long arm stitching? It looks so good. I love all the fabrics too.

sue ;-P said...

Dianne - you are a-may-za-zing!

At least one grandma can make something useful!

heather said...

i LOVE the swirls sewn into it!!! and my definite fave fabrics (in no particular order): yellow-green-blue-red stripes, white dots on green background, and white vines on yellow background. I am slightly jealous of this blanket- I don't blame you for wanting to keep it.

Jodi Jean said...

that is awesome!! i can't wait to see the one that my mom is making for finley (i've seen the fabrics, but thats about it!)

aidan has one wild and crazy like that and he loved to stare at all the colors and patterns. it's still his fave, i know van will love it for years to come.

good job dianne!!

i'm scared to do the "quilting" part of quilting, i wonder if i could piece it and your mil would quilt it, hmmmmm the swirls do look pretty awesome!

rookie cookie said...

Janeen, hopefully we will be there in December. I am almost positive we will be. Should be fun!!!

Courtney, she does all the work herself. She actually has the special machine that does the long stitching. Sometimes, she will write the name of the baby in the stitching.

Mom, you can grow Van a plant.

Heather, those are my favorites too. Dianne is amazing.

Jodi, oooh, you will have to post Fin's.