Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did you get yours yet?

I have stopped balding and my receding hair line is starting to fill in.
Oh the handfuls of hair I have pulled out.
Postpartum hair loss is so depressing.

Ask Jack about the time he accidentally tipped over the wheel barrow of pumpkins in the driveway. They bounced down the driveway, across the street and onto the neighbor's lawn. Never has that boy sobbed harder. He even had to call his daddy to be consoled. But all was well when the pumpkins were rescued and placed safely back into the wheel barrow.


Jill said...

Check YOU out, looking all fit and thin! I'd doubt you were ever pregnant if I hadn't seen it myself. I'm glad you're rewarding us all with these great pumpkin recipes - you totally deserve.

Jodi Jean said...

how fun!

Jones Family said...

Your hair has stopped thinning, but your body hasn't. You are looking good!