Thursday, October 30, 2008


While driving up the 15 to the Salt Lake City International Airport, Jack couldn't stop jabbering.

"Mom, is Dad going to be there?"

"Mommy, can I see Dad?"

"Mom, look a tanker truck!"

For the duration of our separation, I have missed Ethan. I have wanted him around like never before. But I have also been busy tending to and loving my boys. Yes, I missed Ethan, but Van needed a diaper change. See? Not much time to dwell.

As we passed the E-Center in West Valley, butterflies had emerged from their cocoons in my stomach. My heart fluttered right along with them. It was a feeling I hadn't felt in a long time. It felt good and exciting.

I parked the car in the parking garage, whipped out the stroller and secured Van. I gave Jack the ever familiar command of, "Pocket!", meaning he holds onto my pocket. We quickly walked inside and into the elevator. But Jack ever so apprehensively.

Elevators are not Jack's favorite. If they have windows and he can see out, he hates it. When it goes down, he thinks we are going to plunge into the ground and crash. When it goes up, he thinks we will never stop. As I pushed the down button, Jack got nervous. He clinged to my side and covered his face as we made out decent. Once the elevator stopped, he grabbed my pocket and we walked out.

We strollered over to the escalator to wait. We patiently watched the hustle and bustle of the airport scurry all around us. LDS missionaries being welcomed home, businessmen in suits dragging their rolled suitcases, flight crews looking for their next flight. All the while Jack kept jabbering.

"Mom, is Dad coming?"

"Mom, where is my dad?"

"Mom, look! Balloons!"

Then I saw a wheelchair with a pair of crutches sticking out from the top. And a Dodger hat. An all too familiar Dodger hat. The wheelchair was headed for the same elevator we had come out of. So I rushed Jack over to it.

"Mom! No! I don't want to go in the elevator!"

"Son, trust me. Dad is up there and when the doors open, he will be right there."

And then Jack was off at a run. We crammed into the elevator as the doors began to close. Jack was jumping up and down in excitement. Never has an elevator creeped up so slowly! The doors opened and there he was! Abe Lincoln beard and all!

Ethan was wheeled over to the side and he got up and picked up his little 3 year old. Jack wrapped his arms around Ethan's neck so tight. He said Jack has never squeezed harder. They hugged and hugged and Jack layed his head on his daddy's shoulder. For a moment, I thought I saw a little tear in his eye.

Next was my turn. Ethan is a strong, broad-chested man so every hug is a big hug. Hugging him felt so good. And as luck would have it, he has a cold sore on his lip. No kissing that! Grrr.

All the while, Van waited while sucking on his fingers and smiling. Ethan finally bent down and picked up his baby. He couldn't get over how much a month of growth had changed his second born. Van awarded Ethan was his classic, big-mouthed toothless grin and Ethan fell in love all over again.

We got to the car and secured the boys. I put Ethan's suitcases in the back and he said, "Do you want to drive or do you want me to?" What do you think my answer was? I miss being chauffeured around.

Things were finally as they should be. We were all together. My boys jabbering in the backseat and my honey driving. And me holding hands with the man I missed.


Tricia said...

great post! made me tear up a little reading glad you are all together again.


birdonthelawn said...

yes indeed! i love it!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Yay! So happy for you. SPH traveled a lot in his old pre-MBA job in DC. Reunions were always sweet. Isn't wonderful to know how much love there is in your family?

Morgan said...

wahoo. so happy for you.

Jones Family said...

Ahh... I'm so happy for you guys! Have a good Halloween with Daddy.

heather said...

i totally got choked up when i read this. sometimes i like when ryan is away for a while because it's so fun to get the butterflies again.

Jodi Jean said...

beautiful ... i'm glad you're all together again!!