Friday, October 24, 2008

Techno Twenty Fourth of October

24th today: Give Jack Albuterol all day and steam up the bathroom in hopes of getting him better, barring the doors so Jack stays in today, mop floors, Eli's birthday (nephew who is too handsome for an 11 year old. Seriously. Eli is hot.)

song in iTunes purchased folder: "Domestic Experiences" by Thomas Newman from the "Little Women" soundtrack (awesome soundtrack, if you are a girl).

24th picture in the first folder on my computer: Jack at Redhill Park feeding the ducks after a rain storm.24th contact in my phone: My Grandma Betty.

24th e-mail in my inbox: E-mail from my old neighbor in Rancho. I miss you Katie.

24th text message: "Wow" from Ethan. (good thing the number isn't 23)

24th bookmark on my computer: A rad flickr photostream. You're welcome.

And yours are???


sue ;-P said...

24th today: Write a chapter for the book.

24th song in purchased folder: "My Strongest Suit (Reprise)" from the soundtrack to Aida.

24th picture in first folder: carved pumpkins on our front step after the carving party.

24th contact in phone: the dentist.

24th text msg in inbox: "Not really, why?" from Lauren's friend, Taylor. (Not really sure what it means)

24th bookmark: United States Post Office postage rate calculator.

M said...

What a clever one you are! Love this idea. And P.S. Welcome back to your husband just needs to get here to be with you ;o(

Jenn said...

does Jack have asthma? Jaxson's has been so bad this last week I need to find another solution pushing the drugs just aren't working.