Monday, October 13, 2008



Me: Yeah, call me when u get a chance. I miss u more than I can put in2 words.

Ethan: That is mutual u know.

Ethan isn't in Utah. Ethan is in California. He has to be in California for a few months because his doctor said so. I guess that is what comes with a cadaver bone being wedged into your foot along with five or so screws. Hopefully he will be coming for a conjugal visit soon.


Melissa said...

Awww, your hubby isn't here. That's sad :( I am wondering if this lovely Utah weather is ruining your exercise schedule. I have had to move mine indoors...

Morgan said...

sucky sucky. i'm sorry.

rabidrunner said...

Arrrggh! So I found you through your uber talented sister / bannermaker... I feel for you! What happened?

Last March, my Spouse crushed both heels skiing. So a gazillion dollar surgery (11 screws & plate in one, 3 screws in the other, cadaver bone in both), 6 weeks without work, and 4 months in a wheelchair... he's back. Hobbling however.

Hang in there. I will pray for you! And if you need a good foot reconstructive doc and/or physical therapist in Utah, I can recommend one.

Jones Family said...

Ethan really liked the idea of a road trip up to Utah!!! I suggested it to him when he was driving home from the Dodger game with Kevin.

At least Ethan is in so cal for the Dodger's amazing road to win the world series!!!

Tricia said...

lol......i miss you and your humor. glad to see I can still get a regular dose here.

I'm happy you all made it there safely. and your post about bubbles and rainbows made me cry. you're a very good writer, it obviously runs in your family.

Jodi Jean said...

sorry whitney!! hopefully you can get a conjugal visit sometime soon!!

rookie cookie said...

Melissa, did you get my e-mail? Poor me.

Morgan, amen.

Rabidrunner, Ethan was born with a foot deformity that wasn't a problem until now. So he will be having food reconstructive surgeries over the next year for sure and probably more in the future. Glad to hear that someone can feel my pain! And if you read this, I would love to know a good doctor. It would be nice to have a Utah doctor along with our California one. E-mail me.

Jones, yes, please a road trip! And dang those freaking Dodgers. Oh well, it was a good run.
p.s. your profile picture is too beautiful to put on Blogger.

Trish, I miss YOU! How is your house coming along? And stop crying for heavens sake!

Jodi, amen again.