Monday, November 3, 2008

I want candy.

Jack, a black spider. Ethan, a crutch wielding Snickers bar stealer.

Observations of the evening of October 31, 2008

There is nothing fun about a fun-size Snickers. Fun is a full-sized Snickers.

Rotten, greedy little 13 year olds shouldn’t be trick-or-treating. Anyone else hate the typical teen boy running around with a pillow case and no costume? My mom never gives those little beasts candy. In Halloween’s past, my mother has been known to give kids like that pickles instead of candy.

When did Runts add pineapple? Genius, pure genius.

I gave up on rationing. I have been letting Jack eat everything. It’s once a year, right? Why not.

Trick-or-treating is best in a golf cart. We take this type of candy-gathering child labor seriously around here.

Only one Reese’s in Jack’s entire plastic pumpkin. Unfair? I should say so!

Pencils are NOT candy. They are pencils. No matter what you think, no kid wants a Happy Birthday pencil instead of candy.

Call me crazy, but when I was a trick-or-treating kid, I would take anything I could get, even Sister Fuja’s pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. Kids these days are greedy little beasts. A little girl told Ethan that she can’t have gum. We aren’t taking requests, you little witch. (She really was a witch.)


Janeen said...

What is up with the teenagers and their pillowcases? My mom is the same as your, and I have carried on the tradition, I do not hand out candy to teenagers, I flat out tell them that they are too old and could buy their own candy.

And so true about people telling kids what candy they can and can’t have. Get over yourself and pass out the dang candy or turn off your porch light!

My crazy crazy life said...

Hahaha, your blog today was hilarious!!! So true! I told my kids that when they become teenagers, we're just going to turn out all the lights and scare all the teenagers away when they come to the door. Maybe they'll drop their bags of candy when they run and we'll take them!

Rae said...

I would be scared to not give those boys candy. What if they egg or toilet paper my house? Your mom is a brave lady!!

I loved this post! Too funny!!!

Morgan said...

ha ha ha. i send those boys away too. can't stand them, who are there parents anyway? ha ha.

we got more reese's than we can eat this year, i should send em your way!

i'm with you on rationing. do i really want to ration until next summer? not really. eat it all, get sick. be done with it.

glad you had a happy halloween!