Thursday, November 27, 2008

We aren't special

Today, we are not special or different.

We aren't special that we are thankful. We aren't different that we ate turkey and tart cranberry relish. We aren't different that we lounged after dinner while feeding babies and changing diapers. We aren't special that we let little nephews take a bath together. We aren't different that we like whipped cream on our pumpkin pie. 

What could make us different and special?

That there are 34 of us. Rick, Dianne, Chad, Stephanie, Matthew, Stanley, Jacque, Aaron, Ariel, Eli, Issacson, Rowan, Ricky, Melissa, Juliet, Sophia, Evelyn, Baby #4, Jacob, Shelley, Ava Leigh, Ryan, Melissa, Morgan, Baby #2, Ethan, Whitney, Jack, Van, Jason, Emily, Charlie, Jarrett and Jenn. 

Yes, 34. And counting. 

Today I am thankful for the 34 and counting.


Morgan said...

ethans creamed corn was a hit. everyone at dinner yesterday loved it and praised it and i felt pretty neat. yes, neat.

glad you had a great thanksgiving.

Sweet Pea Chef said... I reading too far between the lines to say, "congrats???!!!"

Maria said...

That is a lot to be thankful for!

Cakespy said...

Some very special things to be thankful for! :-)