Thursday, December 18, 2008

Balder than the day he was born

Jack wanted to be a man. He wanted to be like "an army guy". He wanted to "get the guys". He wanted to be just like his Uncle Tadd and have his head completely shaved. Uncle Tadd obliged and so did his trusty assistant, Aunt Kitten (her name is actually Caitlyn, but Aunt Kitten sounds so much better- to her. To the rest of us, it kind of sounds like a stripper name).

So right now, Jack is bald. I don't like it. It was kind of a dumb thing for me to let my 3 year old do here in the Frozen North. But then again, I am constantly striving to be a cool mom, so I let him do it.


My crazy crazy life said...

You're very BRAVE! Soon, the conversation will go like this: Jack: "Mom, remember when you let me shave my head...well now I want a tattoo". Hahaha, just joking.
He will forever be like "Mom, remember when you let me shave my were so cool!". Great memories.

ruth said...

WOW you are way cooler then me, I draw the line when it comes to hair. My kids have no choice.

bird on the lawn said...

ah ahhhahh!

Jones Family said...

He rocks it. Look at how happy he is in that bottom right picture. That is the biggest smile! So funny.

Tricia said... that's awesome! look how smooth his head is!!! LOL! i love it.

we are doing just the opposite. my dude wants surfer hair. i made him cut it short right before his baptism. he's mad at me now, and insists he grow it long. hopefully we can cut it before he's ordained a deacon.

Morgan said...

he has such a good head!
what a handsome stud.

Tasha Allen said...

I think that he is stinkin' cute!!