Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I used to be such a cynic when it came to country music. I grew up with a mother that couldn't bare the twang. I grew up with a mother who rocked out to the Doobie's, MJ and the Eagles. No country for her!

A friend of mine grew up very differently. She grew up with a mother who loved Garth. She grew up with a mother who loved the twang and even had a little in her voice. This friend and I battled over the radio station in the car. I could never understand her love for the "Dixie Chicks". She even cut her hair like them. No convincing could change her preference to Tim and Keith.

Naturally, her country twang grew on me. The harmonies were what got me. And then the lyrics. I guess it wasn't THAT bad. Slowly, my CD case began to fill up with the likes of Faith, Shedaisy and George. Soon I became a seasoned country listener. Knew the songs on the radio and could name the artist.

One night, I met this boy. We talked about country music and what songs we liked. Back in those days, it seemed like it was hard to find a boy in Provo, UT that was cool AND liked country music. This boy was captivating. He liked country music and for that reason, I liked him.

Like grew into love. And at our wedding, we danced our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Ingram to Brad Paisley singing "You Have That Effect On Me". And he still does.

Merry Christmas, Ethan. We miss you. Good luck working tonight. Wish I could have some of that stuffed filet mignon.

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