Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am posting this earlier in the week and just scheduling it. On Christmas Day, I am not blogging. I am opening toys and installing batteries. I am eating Christmas morning scones and candied bacon. I am also sledding. But most of all, today I am celebrating the birth of my brother and Savior, Jesus Christ. How am I celebrating? Mostly by reflecting.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of having two beautiful, healthy boys. Labor and delivery is a rough process, but the result is a miracle of your own brand. Bringing a child into this world is something I put on my list of favorite things. I truly love bearing and delivering a child.

During the Christmas season, I often think of Mary and her own pregnancy and delivery. Did she have morning sickness? What helped her bear the pain of contractions? Did she get really chatty after delivery like I do? How was that first night with her new bundle?

When I had Van, my first night with him was one of the most magical experiences of my life. The nurses respected my experience as a second-time mom so they left me alone. And no one slept at the hospital with me. So all night, I stared at Van. I nursed him and stared and didn't have to share him with anyone. I remember being so thankful for him and this moment we were able to have. It was a time that I was able to feel so peaceful and calm. It was a time I felt the presence of the Holy Ghost so strongly.

I can imagine that Mary's first night with her baby was very similar. Peaceful, calm and sweet. As she stroked His head and nursed Him, I wonder if she knew of His future. What a special night that must of been for her.

I hope that you are able to reflect as I do. May you and yours enjoy this day and remember the perfect infant we celebrate.


Rae said...

Candied bacon? Do tell!! I loved this post. I too had the most magical time after I had my second baby. He was so perfect and I felt so good and I just reveled in him....I still do! :) Have a blessed Christmas day.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I remember sleeping with my fifth new baby that first night - I remember waking up constantly and staring at her in amazement. I couldn't figure out where she had come from. I don't know how I could feel that way after 9 months of pregnancy, but I did.