Friday, December 5, 2008

Fess Up No. 2


Brushing my teeth every night.

Brushing Jack's teeth every night.

Bathing my infant everyday. He stills smells good all the time. He's a baby for heaven's sake.

Unfolded laundry all over the boy's floor.

Doing my hair everyday, even though I have bangs and if I don't tame my bangs, I look like a 7th grade girl who doesn't care about how she looks.

Matching in family pictures. Someone PLEASE explain to me the logic of matching in family pictures.

Maternity pictures. Would you normally ever take a picture with your shirt half up?

My vacuum left in my house in California.

My spider plant, basil and mint plants left in my garage. I am sure they are dried and dead.

Not eating too many peanut butter M&Ms. I've said it once and I will say it again, peanut butter and chocolate are a celestial marriage.

Getting Christmas presents for anyone but Jack. Van, you are too little and you won't remember. Ethan, we are poor and love is priceless. Everyone else, we are in a recession.

Christmas cards. Normally, I do that. But this year, I have completely lost the fire.

Letting Jack wear underwear and rain boots and nothing else.

My husband's use of a cane now and forever. It's kinda sexy.

Getting enough sleep. Who does that anyways? Tired is the new cool.

The fuel pump in Little Red. Let 'er die, let 'er die.

What do you not care about these days?
Do tell and don't be ashamed.
No one is going to judge you................ except for me:)


Mal Robin said...

I enjoyed that. So much.

Tricia said...

lol....ok, i will play.
I don't care about:

- posting pictures of my kids on my blog. i know there are weirdos. chances are there are more crazies in my family than stalking me on the internet (with the exception of one.)

- clean floors.

- junk in my trunk. literally and figuratively.

- you took mine when you said about not brushing your teeth at night.

- i will add not taking off my make- up before bed.

- buying a present for my husband's brother's wife's daughter's step-son for christmas.

- serving dinner on paper plates.

- brand new furniture. it's overrated.

- being a little bit addicted to my phone and it's remote internet capabilities.

Melissa said...

I have to agree on the Christmas card thing.

-having shoes to match all my outfits-who am I kidding t-shirts and jeans are my "outfits"

-Looking cute when my hubby's not here to see it

-any show on TV besides The Office and How I Met Your Mother

-the fact that I need some cola by about 9am

-Oprah-sorry I just don't get into the whole talk show thing-although I will admit the Tom Cruise show was funny

-the fact that I haven't colored my hair for like 5 months- costs a lot and I will not buy a cheap do it yourself kit from the drugstore

bird on the lawn said...

he he.
i like the one about the maternity thing. i agree completely. want pics of you pregnant- they are called portraits, you just happen to be with child.

my sister did twist my arm to get of me in the leaves with a bare stomach and i am horrified.

Morgan said...

washing my face every night. although with my horrible skin i should start.

getting anything for christmas.

all the diet coke i drink.

that my bedroom is half painted and has been for 7 months.

that one of my friends recently told me that my daughter is controlling and bossy. go raise your own kids.

there is probably a lot more and as they pop in my head i'll probably come back to this post:)
i totally agree, tired is the new cool. who sleeps anymore?

Joie de vivre said...

I love your "Rainboots and Underwear" comment. I don't care about matching clothes on my children either. In fact, I think it's really funny when my 3 year old wants to wear his Spider-Man costume and my 5 year old wants his blanket tied around his neck like a cape. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your comments are so sweet, but you're "I wish you were my mom" comment made me feel a little old! (But I knew what you meant so that is sweet, thank you) A few days ago I was in WalMart and the checker asked if I had a daughter that worked there. I replied horrified, "No, I'm only 33! Do I look like I have an 18 year old daughter!" She of course recoiled in a flash and started sputtering that of course I don't. Truthfully, in this area, that wouldn't be that unheard of, but I panicked slightly. I'll add the checkers comment to one of the things I don't care about and continue to just be the most awesome self I can. By the way, this is the longest comment ever, but I really liked your blog and the truthfulness of your list. :)

M said...

Whit, what happened to the high school days when you would pack your toothbrush with you everywhere...and maybe even got sore gums from brushing too much???
and thank you, No I wouldn't normally take a picture with my shirt half up...maternity pictures???

heather said...

i TOTALLY agree with not bathing the baby every day (especially if they can't even crawl yet- plus it dries out their skin)

... and I HATE exposed belly maternity photos! I laughed out loud when I read that. I've seen cute shirt-down maternity photos though.

My World said...

Dang it you took my first two and a few more towards the bottom.

Not brushing mine and my sons teeth. Forget it. I hate doing it.

Peanut butter and chocolate the best ever!

Being late to everything and not telling them I am going to be late.

I am so tired of budgeting, I just don't care anymore (well for a little bit, I can't afford it otherwise).

Cleaning the spiderwebs from my ceiling in my house.

Buying a fake christmas tree. Forget it...I am sticking with the real thing (nothing like it).

Your husband using the cane...AWESOME!!

Thanks for sharing yours!! Miss you!

Jones Family said...

I don't care that Gavin runs around naked. At least your kid has the decency to wear underwear and rain boots.

Shayne said...

ok your on my cool list just for posting this list. Love it and it is all so true.


erica said...

My list pretty much is your list....such a good idea..i just might have to do this on my little ol blog...

you are hillarious

Cheryl Fowers said...

I don’t give a damn about going to the Freaking Dentist!
Reading the Oh so trendy Twilight books.
Shaving my lags regularly, it’s winter people!
Taking my mascara off every night, I’m too tired.
profanity, sometimes it's the only words to describe it!
Whitney you still haven’t changed! And I LOVE IT!