Monday, December 8, 2008

Fess Up No. 3


Spending time alone with my husband. A "friend" once told me that I am taking away from Jack's future by spending a lot of money on dates. What a backwards comment. I firmly believe that if Ethan's and my relationship is in order, the benefits for Jack go beyond his college fund.

Spending time alone for just me. I crave alone time. I would rather shop alone. I would rather exercise alone. I would rather have time to myself to think and organize my thoughts. Without alone time, I kind of really go bananas.

Making sure Jack learns how to be a gentleman. He isn't too young to learn how to open doors and help bring groceries in.

Making sure my boys are dressed to the nines for church. I want them to know that we take our Sunday worship seriously. Sunday isn't just any regular day.

Allowing myself to be a fun mom. It is easy to be a headcase and keep my schedule in mind too much.

Pictures of everything. Ethan doesn't have very many pictures of him as a baby and little boy. I wish he did so I could compare my boys to him! Plus, I want to make sure I have plenty of memories of my babies and toddlers.

Jewelry. I have a lot of jewelry from Ethan over the years. Each piece means so much to me. I want to make sure I keep it nice so I can hand it down to my family members.

Gratitude. It is easy to get bummed about what you don't have. It is harder to notice what you do have.

Knowing I am watched over by a higher power. My conviction in that can brighten many a rainy day.

Having a home of my own. There is something magical about having a place that you and yours can call home. A place where everyone is safe and loved. A place where we can escape from the bad news of the world. A place to create a haven for my husband to come home to after a long day of work.

The honest to goodness reason for the season. This year, my family has decided on no gifts. What a great Christmas this will be! I feel zero stress this Christmas. We plan to spending Christmas Day sledding, fonduing and marshmallow roasting. We will get to spend time with each other and not the things we really don't need in the end. We will be able to focus on why we put up a manger in the first place.

What do you care about these days?
What matters most to you?


Morgan said...

amen on the gratitude.

you've inspired me to blog my own lists.

would you mind?

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Wow...these are great ones. I laughed at your "Things I don't care about," and I sort of sighed a contented sigh when I read your post today.

What a freeing feeling to do NO gifts. We pretty much just do the little one, with a few adult things, mostly homemade.

On my list?
Many, many of the same things on your list but I would add:

Perspective--remembering how short the hard days of mothering days are, and how much I will yearn for them when I have teenagers.

Hope--That this too shall pass...

Allowing my boys to grow into the men they were created to be, not what I, or anyone else may want them to be...admitting that God has a purpose for them, and that it might surprise me how that shakes out...

Ok, enough rambling.

MamaDonna said...

I LOVE the no gifts thing, Whitney! I keep trying to explain to my Grandma that there is no reason for her to go broke every year trying to get everyone presents. Kyle and I are focusing on the kids this year and not exchanging gifts with each other. We feel like if we want to get the other person something, we'll do it. We don't need to wait for an occasion to do so. Miss you guys!

Jodi Jean said...

brilliant. love it whitney.

i wish we would say NO gifts ... they said just gifts for the kids and small/handmade gifts for the adults. no gifts would be better for SOO many reasons.

Jones Family said...

You inspire me to be a "cool mom." I let my kids eat a brownie after their breakfast today! I was about to say, "no" as I usually do, but I thought... I want to be a cool mom and so I said YES!
I agree with teaching boys how to be gentlemen. Jack is definitely on his way. He is so sweet!

ladybirdsarah said...

no presents!? i'm jealous... and stressed over all the gifts i have to conjure up in less than 10 days.