Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This little thing

Last week, this little thing took a spill. During some grilled cheese lunch, Jack toppled head-first off his stool and onto the hardwood floor. I jumped off my stool to scoop him up. He was knocked out for a few moments and then he came to, weeping and wailing. I cradled him and he cried.

"Daddy daddy daddy dad! Where is my daddy?!"

I called Ethan and told him of our ailing child. He let me know he would be on his way home soon and he would comfort his first born.

I rocked my little boy as he held his head and cried. He drifted off to sleep and I let him. Everyone knows that after any type of head trauma, one isn't supposed to fall asleep. But I let him, while keeping a close eye.

Once Ethan arrived home, Jack was resting. He soon awoke, saw his dad and then began the crying all over again.

"It hurts! My head hurts!"

Both Ethan and I were quite concerned. Our poor little son was hurting and the possibility of it being serious became more apparent as the pain did not subside after a few hours. It was soon decided that we needed to take him to the emergency room. Ethan gave him a blessing and then we went to the ER.

Once we arrived at the hospital, we were immediately put through triage. A three year old with head trauma is something of concern and they didn't want to waste any time. Jack quietly complained as they took his temperature and his pulse.

At one point the nurse, by protocol, asked Jack, "Buddy, is anyone hurting you. Does anybody try and hurt you?"

Jack quietly answered, "Yes."

"Who is it? Who has been hurting you?"

In Ethan's non-abusive mind, he is freaking out. "If that kid says his daddy is hurting him, I will spank him into tomorrow."

Luckily, Jack replied, "The floor."

Once triage was done, we were immediately brought to a room. A nurse told us Jack was allowed to fall asleep so he did. He snoozed while Ethan and I attempted to comfort him by stroking his head or rubbing his back. But he would wake up and quietly say, "Please stop, you are bugging me."

Dr. Egbert came in to evaluate our son. He had Jack wake up and he checked his neck and his eyes.

"Well Jack, it looks like you are okay. You have a small concussion, but you will be fine."

Ethan and I were so relieved. Our poor little hurting son was so-

"I like to skateboard!" Jack exclaimed.

What? I could have sworn the child was dying. We were so certain that he was going to need a CAT scan and some type of invasive brain surgery!

"I have muscles! Look doctor! Do you have muscles doctor?"

I suppose a doctor was the one that needed to give him the go ahead and then Jack could flip the switch.

The kid strolled out of the ER asking for the ice cream we had promised him. He waved good bye to the doctor and nurses and then hopped onto his dad's shoulders and bounced out of the hospital.


ruth said...

That is scary. It is never fun to take your child to the ER. I'm glad he's OK. I am holding my breath for my sweets!!!

Rae said...

First off, he is just too cute!
Secondly, he is just too funny!
Thirdly, don't you hate the ER? Ugh! Glad everything turned out so well!

cat+tadd said...

Tell Jack I think he looks like a missionary proselyting out in the snow.

bird on the lawn said...

i just read that aloud to my husband and mother-in-law....

Sweet Pea Chef said...

SO GLAD he is okay!

I would have been holding my breath to wait for Jack's answer. So glad he said the floor. My worst fear would be that my son would be silly or exaggerate or say something that would cause concern...

Jones Family said...

Great ER story... Poor Jack. I love what he told the nurse. You guys must have been FREAKING!!!! when he told the nurse someone was hurting him.