Thursday, January 1, 2009

Giving it up and regretting it in the morning

Bird On The Lawn has this giveaway thing going down.
Something everyday for the first 9 days of 2009.

I am giver numero uno. What am I giving away?
Well, it's not brownies, but so much better.
Think prep tools and colorful.

So cruise on over to Bird's blog, and enter there.
You have until January 9th.
See what I am willing to give to someone else and not myself.
Believe me, this is going to be difficult
to not open the box and keep them all for me.

Sure hope you don't miss out:)


Rae said...

Love those bowls!!! Great giveaway...I'm thinking positive thoughts over here!

karin said...

I want these bowls. Also, let Ethan know that I have made his mac and cheese a few times and again tonight BY REQUEST. My sister informed me that she doesn't like mac and cheese, as she was scooping up seconds, but she liked this recipe.