Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fess Up No. 5

This sandwich reminds me of my Grandma Sally.

Grandma Sally lived on the other side of our elementary school. We would walk across the million mile field to get there. You could also walk through the haunted orchard to get there. But it was haunted so that wasn't an option.

Grandma Sally would make us these sandwiches for lunch. Two pieces of bread, mustard, turkey, tomatoes and Lay's potato chips. She would make us our sandwiches and then send us out to the backyard. We would usually sit in her little grove of trees. Grandma Sally had a little grouping of aspen trees in the backyard. Haley used to play "Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove" under those trees. One time I lost a pair of my grandma's sparkly clip earrings in that grove of trees. She wasn't too happy about that.

Grandma Sal on the right.
Ah ha! So that is where my cankles came from!

Whenever I eat a turkey tomato sandwich with potato chips, I think of my Grandma Sally.

What foods remind you of your grandparents?
Fess up. I really want to know.


The P*dunc's said...

Grandma 1: Homemade bread and honey, puffy cheetos

Grandma 2: Tuna fish sandwiches

Grandma 3: Moldy cheddar cheese and ham jelly (bleh, the fat that congeals when the ham cools down! I still love her, though!)

j & j dish it out said...

When I was little my mom would make us Tuna Fish sandwiches and we would put our lay's potato chips or our cheese balls (round cheetos) on the sandwich to give it that crunch.

My grandmother didn't do the cooking, my grandfather did. He was injured in the Korean war so he stayed at home. My mom said they would sit on the piano bench in the doorway of the kitchen and watch him cook. I wish times were like that still.

My grandpa made the best food...fried chicken, chicken and dumplings but my most favorite thing was when he would make homemade apple pies and he would save the leftover crust and make little cinnamon sugar crispies. We always got to eat them before dinner.

Awwww, you made me all nostalgic this morning...I miss my gramps.

Jones Family said...

I just want to say... I love your new blog header. Sooooo cute!

My Grandma (Granny Fitz) made deep fried burritos. We called them hard burritos. I thought they were the coolest thing because tacos are hard and burritos are soft.
Looking back, I can't believe she fed us deep fried burritos.

karengberger said...

I'm new here, and I love reading your food adventures and recipes.

My Nana didn't cook at all, so I remember her sweet housekeeper/cook, Jo, when I think of French toast, sweet potato casserole, and her glorious desserts: French apple pie & strawberry torte. Since Nana took credit for the recipes (isn't that a scream?), I think of her when eating crab ramekin, crab & avocado salad, crab cakes, etc. (Nana was always in search of the perfect crab cake in a restaurant). When I'm using mayonnaise on anything, I thnk of Nana, because (being half French), she pronounced it MY-oh-NEZ. Thanks for asking!

Tricia said...

I'm not even kidding when I say In N Out Burger. I'm sure that's where my unnatural affection for it comes from.

Otherwise, eating out of Grandmas fridge or pantry was a minor health risk.

But there were always plenty of fresh veggies and fruits available. In fact I give her credit for teaching me to love cauliflower and broccoli. And pink grapefruit eating it with mounds of sugar and using that special little spoon that had spokes on the tip for cutting out the sections.

funny how food conjures nostalgia.....i love it!

Amanda said...

Carrot cake heavily infused with nicotine. My nana would make us a carrot cake for everyone's birthday, whether they liked carrot cake or not. She smoked like a chimney while baking and the cake always tasted like it. We would humor her with a bite and then take it home and dispose of it.

Vanessa Sanchez said...

My Grandma Clementina was an awesome cook. She's still alive, but I say was, because she doesn't cook much anymore.

The dish that reminds me of her the most, is pancakes. Not just ordinary pancakes, she made them really thin, like crepes. They tasted so good! I loved them so much, that whenever I would go visit her, even as an adult, she'd make them for me. I've asked for the recipe for years, but she would always cook from memory, so she could never remember exactly how much of this or that she used. A few years ago, my aunt sent me her recipe,and they come out close, but never as good as my Grandma's. Love that lady!

bird on the lawn said...

Gma Ruth: branches coconut Neapolitan candies.
Gma Ardell: Cracked wheat with honey and milk, grilled cheese and chili.

Emma said...

Grandma Brown: Coca-Cola (from the bottle) with toast

Grandma Thomas: Homemade rolls and lemon pie

Single Girl said...

oatmeal cookies with icing


Cheryl Fowers said...

Yes it was a haunted orchard, but I loved it, Now it's high priced housing. I miss the trees! P.S do you remember the time we crossed the field at night with that crazy personal alarm you had and we got scared and pulled the pin and went screaming all the way back to your house. AAAAhhhhh the memories. The hill was a great place to grow up back then!

rookie cookie said...

I am loving all these comments.

Keep them coming!

MamaDonna said...

The obvious, and I think you already know this: Spaghetti! My grandma's homemade spaghetti sauce is the best. And add to the spaghetti, the lasagna she made, and ah! Heaven!!!!

Brandon and Erica said...

Okay...I am posting for two reasons:
1. Because I met your family at your sister MAllory's bridal shower, and even told "Cat + Tadd" that I was excited to finally meet "Rookie Cookie"! I know, it's pathetic, but it's out in the open now: I read your blog. And I even cook meals from it too. Brandon is grateful.

2. I have been reading the other comments about food and I've gotten all verklempt.

Grandma Rowles: Mud pie, Huckleberry pie, sticky buns, and any type of sandwich smothered in butter. Which, I suppose she affectionately called it, "Oleo".

Grandma McMaster: Fig Newtons, raspberries from her garden. She didn't cook much because she was sick, but I do remember her wearing a diaper over her head so that the TV radiation wouldn't kill her. Mmm...Fig Newtons.

Mike and Jill said...

My Abuela: Pan dulce and "coffee"-she would give us a cup of milk with a splash of coffee. Home made french fried potatoes. Tamales, pancakes and Flan. I haven't eaten flan since she passed, it just wouldn't be the same. She was an amazing cook and I was so lucky to be by her side in the kitchen.

My Grandmother Epperson: Biscuits & Gravy!


Amy said...

Umm...sadly, when I think of my Grandpa Johnson, it was the Famous Star from Carls Jr. and Raisin Bran or Frosted Flakes and I don't think of much with Grandma Johnson.

My Grandma Tidwell, I remember soda. She always had soda. My grandparents were already pretty old when I was young, so I think the cooking thing was dead and gone when I visited.

basquegirl said...

Amatxi: fried potatoes with garlic. Also Nestle quik with ants in it.
Grandma 2: Sandwiches with turkey bologna and sun-brewed iced tea(before I joined the church). And brown sugar bacon and divinty.

SeabeeMom said...

Going to fmaily dinners at my Grandmother's house....endive salad with warm bacon dressing and coconut cake for dessert...the best!!! Of course us kids eat our meal at the little table!!!

ljkc said...

WOW - I just jumped over here from Elizabeth's blog - what a scrumptious little space you've carved out for yourself here!

Mom-mom foods (one for each): cherry yogurt (which I can never find anymore) w/bananas and Summer Squash Soup...

P.S: WHERE have you BEEN all my (blogging) life Rookie Cookie?!


meg said...

I loved that grove of trees. And even though it was just a little stand of a few trees, it seemed like a magical grove to me.

And that's exactly what I thought when I was formatting that photo: Wow, that's a Grandma Sal sandwich right there. Tasty as can be. It's the chips that do it.

Damn those cankles.

meg said...

So I read ashley's comment and thought, "What kind of a weird grandma feeds kids branches. Then I realized she meant Brach's."

Branches would have been funny.

cat+tadd said...

Totino's pizza, cut with scissors.

Nicole Shelby said...

G1: ice cream, twice-baked tacos

G2: terrible mexican food

sharpasatack said...

Cream cheese and dried beef, smooshed together and served on some sort of old-lady cracker. Delish!

keely steger said...

biscuits and gravy- THE breakfast of choice for every holiday morning. i am now the proud owner of grannie's cast-iron skillet that she cooked every batch in. my gravy honestly tastes better for it.

Megan said...

toasted rye bread with good hard :) And it had to be late at night

Anne said...

Lay's Classic potato chips, clam dip and potato salad (made with cucumbers, YUMMY) all remind me of my beautiful Grandma and Grandpa C.

Now I want some!