Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Weekending

Good weekend.

The in-laws came to town. Forgot how much I like them. Now that's not to say I never liked them, but I just forgot how funny they are. We went out to eat a lot. We laughed about all sorts of laughable things and talked about the niece I've never met (boo).

The in-laws are cool because they bought me and my honey a childless overnight stay at a hotel. Glory be. Children went to Uncle Jon and Aunt Haley's so that they could start getting used to having kids around. We did them a favor really. How else are they going to learn how to love and teach a child unless they get some real hands-on training?

Apparently they didn't need any training because they taught Van how to crawl. Yes, my baby went to their house as a lump and left a crawler.

Good weekend.

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