Monday, March 23, 2009


I have this weird little thing called a 4 year old.

4 year olds are funny. They used to be 3 and 3 is much younger than 4. So you suppose that a 4 year old is mature enough to start "acting his age." Since he is 4, his freak-outs become less tolerable (as if they were tolerable in the first place). For heaven's sake, he will be going to school when he is 5!

4 year olds are handy. Because they are 4, they can do all kinds of chores. Like put away the silverware and load the plates into the dishwasher. They can also take #2 diapers outside to the trash cans.

Although a 4 year old is on the path to adulthood, they still have little glimmers of 3 in them. Like wanting to cuddle in the early morning hours and still loving their blankie. 4 works for me. It's the perfect transition from little to big.

Speaking of having a 4 year old, this is what he wanted written on his cake:

"Rock and Roll Jack. Thanks for having a party!

I haven't a clue what he means by this. But it's what he wanted, so that's what he got. I think he is old enough to make important decisions like cake script.


Mike and Jill said...

LOVE the cake!

Mal Robin said...

I miss that kid.

Ingrid said...

Ha! Love it! Did you ask him what he meant?