Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To blog about or not to blog about

Today I'm talking about blogging. I promise I will get back to food. I have some seriously awesome food coming soon. But for now, let's talk about what it is we do.

There are a few blogging questions I ask myself periodically.

1. What should I blog about?

2. How much info should I throw out there?

3. Should I use my family's real names?

I have ask myself these questions so that I stay on course. It is easy to sway back and forth as you cruise through blog world. Consistency is on my Top Ten All-Time Favorite Things List, so I ask myself these questions.

My blog genre is food so I have to stick to the subject matter. Occasionally, I get off course but I mostly don't.

How much info should I let others in on? This is definitely a troubling one for me. Like the sweet stories about my children. Should I let everyone know stories I hold dear to my heart? What about my husband? Do I talk about our relationship and put it out there for others to read? For the most part, I do not. There are memories about my children and my husband that are all mine and I don't want to share. They are kind of sacred. So I keep them to myself.

As for my family's name, that one was easy for me. I use our real names because I just love them. I want people to know I picked cool names for my kids, because I am prideful and showy like that. Jack's name is special. He is named after his Grandpa Jack, Great Grandpa Jack and Great Great Grandpa Jack. So cool. And Van's name was one we never questioned ourselves using. We always loved that name because it is cool, old school and no one else has it. I also use Ethan's real name because not too many adults are named Ethan and I think that's unique. And I use my real name because I like it too. I am proud that I like my name because not everyone does. I would tell you the names of my future children, but then you might steal those names from me and then I would have to hate you. And I don't want to hate you.

So let me know how you roll. What is your take on these questions?


Mal Robin said...

Thats a hard one... How much info should one include? People out there abusing other peoples blogs, using information they post innocently against them. You have to hope no weirdoes are "stocking" your blog.

My crazy crazy life said...

You have no idea how close to home this posting hits for me. I do have people that read my blog and then say cruel things about me or try to use it against my family in some way or another. I know my blogging frightens my family sometimes because I tend to get it all out there and then who knows how people were perceive what I wrote. There are just some seriously evil people out there but I refuse to live in fear. I guess I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I need to post about this...things for the heads up on an interesting subject.

Nicole Shelby said...

I enjoy your children's unusual names.

I refuse to live in fear of some possible future, that I ruin right now. I know there is the potential for abuse by crazies - but I believe that risk percentage to be very small.

However, my considerations on this score are different than yours. I blog for myself, my family and some friends. Your blog has a much wider appeal.

I, too, love our names. I wouldn't have named my children their names if I didn't. We kept them simple - grow-able.

That picture is so beautiful. And, I love your coat.

karin said...

I have had friends who "put it out there" and people leave horrible comments but I think you can handle horrible comments, they are not friends or family and don't know the whole situation.
I do not put my kids names on the Internet but that is just because I am paranoid because I put a lot of info about things we do and my dad is paranoid too. And really I have my blog for #1me and #2family (mostly my dad, he loves it).

I enjoy the little stories about your family. If people don't want to read about your family, they don't have to, they can wait for a recipe.

**that was a REALLY long comment, sorry

Melanie said...

My theory on blogging (food or family or whatever) is that it is completely personal and individual to whomever "owns" the blog. I don't think any of us can judge another for putting personal details out there or refusing to share family details. It just boils down to what you are comfortable with and then you have to ignore whatever criticism comes because there are always people too ready to criticize others. On a personal note - I enjoy your blog because it does have a human quality to it.

rabidrunner said...

I like that you blog about more than food. Food blogs that only talk about food are boring. Blogging is fun because there's an air of suspense. You just don't know what you're gonna get!

This post and it's comments made me think of a couple of things. 1) I've yet to get any hate comments and I feel like I'm missing something. I will work on that. 2) I might just be one of those weirdos stalking your blog!

~Morgan~ said...

what should i blog about? i must fall under the mommy blogger category. simply because "mother" is a good portion of what i am. it's what i do, so inevitably it is what i blog about. and my family far away loves it. oh and i'm mormon. i'm a mormon mommy blogger. oh dear. oh well:)
i'm still called that, even though i blog little about being a mormon...

i rarely blog about the hubby. not because i don't think he's cool.
just don't think my blog is a love story, that's all.
i put myself out there. sure i do. but, not all of myself.
ever seen that scrubs episode? let the crazy out a little at a time...
never let certain parts of it out:)
i've always been an especially open person, so naturally my blog tends to lean that way. sometimes i think about changing that, deleting things i maybe shouldn't have said... but mostly i don't.
i get you on the sacredness of experiences. some shouldn't be shared, but i also think personally that some are meant to be shared.
i rarely blog about things that are negative or how my life "occasionally" sucks. i always worrying that because of it, i come across insincere or fake. but, you know, i promise that no one wants to hear my moaning about life or about the pity parties i "occasionally" throw. :)
and names shmames. i love your names.
and who's to say my daughters name really is ellie?...

whit, i love your blog. you rock.
but, i sure can't say i wouldn't love a little deeper look into your mind, your thoughts...
good post!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I have hard time with these questions too. How much is too much to share? I don't think I have the answers, so I can't really say.

BTW, ummm...can I come to your house to taste all the sweet, sweet creations you are testing this week?? YUM!

~Morgan~ said...

oh and sometimes. i leave comments longer than the original post.
i'm awesome.

Kalli Ko said...

hmmm, yes i am with melanie. i think it's your blog and your prerogative so write about whatever the hell you want!

also, me likey your kiddos names too.

Shelby Lou said...

i just don't put my last name on my blog. That's about it. I write whatever, because it's my journal and I mean more than half of the people that read it, I will never meet so it doesn't bother me what they think.

{erica} said...

This is an easy answer for me. I blog what I want, when I want and about what I want :). I blog for myself...really to remember the fun times and to get all that's going on in my brain out. comments are a bonus but I sure as hell don't blog for comments or for validation...ICK!

Do I worry about sickos finding my family...yes, on occasion. But the great things that have happened since I started my blog outweigh BY FAR the negative "Could be's" and "could happens"...thus far.

I have found old friends, made new ones, been inspired, and found a damn good chocolate streusel coffee cake receipe :)

heather said...

i ALWAYS feel like i post too much information. especially being married to inappropriate ryan. but i think your blog is perfect.

M said...

I always ask these questions and think should I go private...but no no no I like meeting new people and sharing ideas...but then I worry and wonder how much to say...and sometimes I think oh I post too much lovey dovey and I'm so proud of my husband type of stuff...but gosh dangit when it comes down to it, I post what I want to, it's my blog, i'm not trying to impress or outdo or underdo or please anyone right!...but it's still hard to think that way all of the time. Do what you feel is right for you and you'll forever be happy with the end product.

meg said...

I think your names are lame it would be better for you to go private cause then no one would have to read them.

Vanessa and Company said...

I really just blog for my own amusement, and/or possibly the amusement of a few family members and friends. I don't actually think anyone reads my blog, so maybe that is why I throw caution to the wind and use the real names of my husband and kids.

I don't put everything out there, gotta save some of those deep dark secrets for my therapist...(kidding, not that there's anything wrong with that).

I think your blog is lovely.
Your recipes rule.

Ingrid said...

I blog about food with a little books and baseball thrown in as well.

I use our real names as I knew I would struggle with anything else.

While I may tell a story its usually not a "special" one just funny. I'm a private person and do not find myself over sharing!