Monday, May 4, 2009

Blossoms, rain and donuts

Saturday awoke me with rain. I sleep with the window open, even if it is cold. Actually, the rain didn't wake me up, Jack did. He had so sneakily nestled himself under my covers in the early morning hours and then woke me up to tell me that it was raining. So maybe the rain did wake me up.

Ethan rejoined us in the form of himself without an overgrown beard. I don't think he had given his scruffy face a good shave in over two weeks. I kissed his once-again smooth cheek and Jack kissed his butt pocket and we sent him off to work. We are still working with Van on waving "bye bye". We are trying to perfect it so that he will do it on command, kind of like a puppy.

After Ethan left, Jack declared it was hunger that was causing him to throw toys at his brother. Donuts and fancy juice seemed in order. On went little shoes and then a diaper change for the baby. I brushed my hair, but not my teeth. I put on a sweatshirt and rain boots and looked like a hobo.

As we drove down the mountain, I couldn't help but notice how the orchards are blossoming beautifully. It seems to go in waves. One corner of the orchard starts blossoming and then it spreads, like a white blanket. For a moment, I felt bad that my picture-taking friend Bird was missing it. I know she would have been all up in those apple tree's business with her fancy lens.

Once at the store, we headed straight for the donuts. Sprinkled with yellow, green, blue and purple. Chocolate glazed with sliced almonds. I got six donuts knowing there was no way we were going to eat them all, but just to be sure in case we did.

Most people think donuts need milk. Blah. Donuts need fancy juice. Pineapple peach mango and cranberry grape. We headed for the check out, but took a quick detour down aisle four due to a sighting of fellow church members who I wasn't going to give the pleasure of seeing the mascara smudged under my eyes.

We got home and settled into donut bliss. Jack of course chose the donut that was so encrusted with sprinkles that you couldn't see the actual donut it's self. Every bite of donut sent sprinkles onto the floor and those were promptly consumed by Van who is on constant floor patrol. I ate a chocolate glazed and then I was spent. With every bite, I was regretting that energy-sucking donut. I knew I was going to be exhausted for the rest of the morning because of that chocolatey fried bit of dough. And I was. I sure wish donuts were packed with energy and vitamins. I would eat them everyday if they were.


Janeen said...

I love donut mornings!

Kalli Ko said...

you are speaking to my donut loving SOUL here