Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cookie Makes a Comeback 2009

I am bringing the cookie back. That's right ladies.
It's time the cookie was brought back into the spotlight.

Scoot over cupcakes!
You have some competition!

Why should the cookie make a come back? Simply because they are better. Cookies are easier to make, don't take as long to bake and the possibilities are endless. Sorry cupcake, you aren't as special as you thought.

To spread the revolution, we are having a cookie recipe blitz appropriately named "Cookie Makes a Comeback". On Monday, May 18, I will be posting your cookie recipes. From now until May 18th, make your favorite cookie recipe and post it. Send me the link to your post by May 18th and I will compile all the cookie recipes into one fabulous list. Please be sure it is a new post and not something you posted previously. Not a food blogger? Not to worry. You don't need to be a food blogger to share your favorite cookie. E-mail your link to

So get out your flour and sugar and leave the muffin tins in the cupboard. This is the cookie's time to shine.

I have unchained my graphic designer from her basement hovel so that she could make us a button. Spread the word of this revolution and recipe blitz. Post about this and tell everyone. It is time we give the cookie its just dues.

Here's to the cookie, whether it be chocolate-chipped or frosted!
Here's to grabbing a little stack of cookies
and nibbling while you watch "The Office"!

Here's to eating a treat with ONE HAND!!!
Step down cupcakes of the world
and make way for the classic of the ages!


~Morgan~ said...

oh yes. cookie's are about the only thing i can bake. sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Vanessa and Company said...

I've baked enough cupcakes within the past few months to last a lifetime.

Mandee said...

my mom owned a cookie shop back in the day... we love cookies more than anything at our house. But all of her recipes are under lock and key. I'll see what I can come up with.

Katie @ goodLife {eats} said...

What a fun idea! I will have to make a point to make some yummy cookies this weekend for a new post!

Courtney said...

Oh, my...I don't even know you, but I love you (and your blog!)!! I am a die-hard cookie-fanatic! My husband is as well. He makes a fresh batch of his famous chocolate-chip cookies every morning for his patients (and then, ironically, checks their blood sugar...I tell him this is entirely unfair :). My name is Courtney Wallace. I can't wait to share recipes of the best kind...cookies!!!
My blog is