Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oreo Chocolate Pudding Pops

Out of all of my popsicles I made for Popsicle Week, these were my favorite. Chocolatey, creamy, cold and an occasional chunk of Oreo. Maybe I just liked these best because I am partial to chocolate. Yeah, I think that's it.

I don't have a real popsicle mold. But I do have some Dixie cups and those work just great. As for popsicle sticks in Dixie cup molds, use plastic to hold them into place. Cover the cups with plastic and then poke the tip of a knife through the top. Carefully slide a popsicle stick in and the plastic holds it in place until it is frozen. I think I prefer using Dixie cups because to get the popsicle out, you just rip the paper cup off. And with Dixie cups, you can make lots of popsicles and you aren't limited by your mold. For example, when I worked on Popsicle Week, I made all of them in one afternoon and I had 30+ popsicles in the freezer at the same time.

2 cups cold milk
1 pkg (4 serving size) chocolate instant pudding
1 cup prepared whipped cream, like Cool Whip
1 cup chopped Oreo cookies

Pour milk into a medium bowl. Add pudding mix. Whisk for 2 minutes. Gently stir in whipped cream. Fold in Oreo chunks. Spoon into popsicle molds or paper cups. Freeze until firm.


Nan said...

using the plastic, love it, very smart indeed!

Delectable Dining said...

Oh my goodness... these would not last long in my house!

Tara said...

OMG! These look divine!! My kiddos would gobble these up! Can't wait to make them....thanks for sharing!

Desmone007 said...

I'm loving popsicle week! The kids would so devour these. Thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

Do you remember Jello Pudding and Gelatin Pops? I loved them so much as a kid that when I couldn't find them in the store I emailed Kraft to see what happened to them. Apparently people don't like to eat frozen jello? Too bad, because the gelatin ones were so dang good. I think they still make the pudding ones, but your version sounds better, and definitely more sinful with the addition of the oreos. Yum!