Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's a little late..

I am sitting with my sisters Megan and Caitlyn and my mom as I type this up. It's 11:00 at night and we are all starting to talk about stupid things. Megan is in town and just got her hair CHOPPED by Caitlyn. Like a pixie cut. Megan is freaking out because she thinks her hair is too short and she thinks she looks like a boy. She thinks I am a liar when I tell her it looks good on her.

Somehow we stared talking about jail, probably because Ethan went. My mom just started talking about a book about Alcatraz. Oh wait, Caitlyn just asked if it's called "Alcatraz" or "Azkaban". That's Caitlyn for you. Now there is a silent soda drink break. Now Caitlyn just said, "Tadd hasn't even axed where I am". Now the girls are saying how some people actually say "axed" instead of "asked" and how unfortunate that is.

Megan just got to the bottom of her water glass and thought of a new invention. She wants to have glasses that can have a digital message programmed into the glass so when her friends get to the bottom of the glass, they have a message from Megan. Can't you tell it's a little late?

Now the conversation has now turned to the logistics of my mom growing a huge pot plant back in her crazy days before she met my dad and cleaned up her dirty life. Now Caitlyn wants to know if pot is good for anything besides smoking it. Megan says it is good for nausea for sick people. Then Caitlyn asked if pregnant women can smoke pot for nausea relief. There she goes again. Thanks for your input, darling.

Megan just said, "Is it funny to you that my name kind of sounds like naked. And like bacon." I am surrounded by idiots. I should probably go to bed.


cat+tadd said...

I swear I'm smart. Like how I cut Megan's hair which made her stupider, therefore making us all appear smarter. Ingenius.

meg said...

Apparently, here's how it goes: Samson lost his strength when his love interest chopped off his mop, and I lost my intellect when my lovely sister chops of mine.

The movie I can't wait to see: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Alcatraz. (Thanks for that terrific movie title, Ethan--you're genius.)

Ingrid said...

I laughed while reading that and thought....maybe it wouldn't have been so bad to have a sister instead of 6 six brothers. The thought only lasts a few minutes before I revert back to thinking myself lucky I only had brothers.

Have a happy Sunday! :)

Hen Pecks said...

In my defense, I did not smoke any of that plant, but gave the whole thing to a friend. One could say it was a charity project.

Now please excuse me, I have to go and prepare my Sunday lesson for the young women's class I teach.

oneordinaryday said...

Gotta go call my sisters. : )

[Morgan] said...

i need sisters. i really do.
and i want to see megan's hair. she can't possibly look anything like a boy. i bet it's darling.

[Morgan] said...

ps how in the world did i miss the jail post with ethan and the salmon?

that's the best thing i've heard in a long time. jack even got his fingernails clipped, ha ha ha.

Kristen said...

Aren't sisters grand? Nothing quite like them!