Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Commune with Thee

Dear Communal,

Thank you for inviting me over for lunch. It was perfect in every way. Atmosphere, company and food. Oh the food, the food, the food. The heirloom tomatoes were one of my favorite things, like cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudel. With them being so simply dressed, they were simply delicious.

Thank you for the butterscotch pot de creme. Stephmodo and I thoroughly enjoyed that. Speaking of Stephmodo, thank you for providing an event where I could sit with her, share plates of food and talk about France. Stephanie is a delight, as were the scallops. Those scallops were cooked perfectly. Thank you for cooking them perfectly.

Thank you for the heirloom tomato bread pudding. I never knew I would like a savory bread pudding, but I do now. I also never knew that I could love heirloom tomatoes so much. Wait, I already talked about those tomatoes. But I am serious, they were one of my favorite things.

Thank you for inviting Carina. She is funny and loves bread. Loves it so much she likes to wear it. Oh yeah! The BREAD! Thanks for the bread. It was as soft as a baby's bottom.

Thank you for having such beautiful bathrooms. They are really clean too and that means a lot. Also, thank you for having totally reasonably priced food. It's nice to know I can get a total food experience without the price tag.

Once again, thank you for a lovely afternoon. I can't wait to bring Ethan over there. He is going to freak. Like freak all over the place.

With love and admiration,


POST EDIT: I forgot to mention Cafe. Cafe was the highlight. Not only is she a good person to sit next to at a nice restaurant, but she is funny, cool, smart and sexy.


Cafe Johnsonia said...

You forgot to mention your hot lunch date. My feelings are super hurt. :)

(Kidding, kidding.)

No, but, seriously. Everyone should run, not walk, over there for dinner. I'm still not hungry after that amazing lunch.

meg said...

We all will stay tuned for Ethan freaking out all over the place.

AzĂșcar said...

If you aren't getting flour on your nose, then you aren't smelling your bread, and if you aren't smelling your bread before you eat it, are you some sort of culinary savage?

It was wonderful all the way 'round.

ruth said...

WOW!!! COngrats!!! I KNOW how you feel. Iam lucky if i pour a bowl of cereal, so I couldn't imagine doing pork tenderlion with pear chutney. Good luck ,I will be thinking of you. how far a long are you?

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Yes...much better. Thanks for adding that in.

Vanessa said...

Oh ok I have to comment on your little comment section above, you have to put the Name/URL option or I cannot even leave my link or name! Or maybe I am just slow and can't figure it out. So this is Vanessa from inevergrewup and the only way I can comment is by logging into my private family blog where you can't even click on the link.

Ok sorry with that said, it was so nice to meet you! And congrats on being preggo, is this your first??

Petit Elefant said...

Carina makes my life worth living. Not to be melodramatic or anything.

noelle said...

So glad you came (and loved the food, of course)!