Friday, September 18, 2009

Food Face - Jennie of A Recipe for Aperture

Jennie of A Recipe for Aperture is fairly new to the food blogging scene and I thought a Food Face interview would be a great way to expose her to more bloggers. She has incredible photography and excellent recipes and content. Below are a few questions to help everyone get to know her better.

What foods do you remember most from your childhood?
My grandmother's roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Lunch was the last Sunday of every month at 1pm sharp! You could literally smell the roast beef as you pulled into the driveway! Even if we weren't that hungry, all we'd need is a stimulating whiff of that wonderful aroma and we were ravenous! Also, I remember these yummy caramel tarts that were occasionally served for dessert at school. I remember them because they were pretty much the the only thing I enjoyed about school dinners! A buttery shortbread base with a gooey caramel filling, topped with delicate flecks of milk chocolate. Heaven!

What foods can you not get enough of?
Cheese (various kinds), crackers, grapes and red wine. Preferably together :) Oh, and when I'm back home in England I find it incredibly difficult to stop eating fish and chips, no matter how full I am!

What is your favorite restaurant?

The Slanted Door in San Fransisco. The ginger limeade cocktails are so good and the seafood crepe is to die for!

It's raining cats and dogs and freezing outside.
What would you fill your belly with?
That's a tough one! Probably a tagine of baked lamb with apricots and honey served with hot buttery couscous or creamy mashed potatoes. Or maybe a spicy chorizo and butterbean soup.
What are your essential kitchen tools?
My 6 inch Wusthof chef knife. My garlic peeler (genius!) and my silicone baking mat.

What is your specialty dish?
I can put together a pretty impressive Indian feast. My favorite part being a chicken, sweet potato and coconut curry. Oh and I've finally mastered the art of Beef Wellington!

Have you ever had any major kitchen disasters?
Christmas dinner happened to be the first dinner I ever cooked for my in laws. (No pressure!) I had promised to make the infamous chestnut and cranberry stuffing balls that my husband spoke so fondly of. While chatting to my guests about how I made these culinary beauties a distinct burning smell began to permeate the air. I opened the oven door and found that my stuffing balls were the culprits! They were dangerously hard and, to my mind, completely inedible! My in laws were gracious enough to eat them anyway and even managed to feign some appreciation!


Anne Living Life said...

Wow! Just cruised through Jennie's blog! Amazing recipes! Great interview too.

meg said...

I want her lunchroom tarts.

ljkc said...

Oh this is fun!


Barbara Bakes said...

Thanks for the link to Jennie's blog. I'm not following her. Love the knife picture!