Thursday, September 17, 2009

Watermelon Lemonade

I got this recipe from my co-worker Voula from way back when I spent my days at a car dealership answering phones and flirting for free diet Cokes. She made it a lot, except sometimes she would pour some kind of booze in it. I never understood why. It tastes fantastic the way that it is. When she gave me the recipe, she said you could use whatever lemonade concentrate you want. Lemonade, pink lemonade or limeade. I used pink lemonade in this batch.

This is a great way to send off a farewell to summer. Which by the way, I am totally fine with summer being over. Why? Because TV is funny again. Tonight are the premieres for "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation". Tonight I plan on laughing my butt clean off.

8 cups cubed watermelon (that was half of a watermelon for me)
1 12 oz can frozen pink lemonade concentrate

In a blender or a food processor or using an immersion blender, blend up the watermelon until smooth. Pour and press through a strainer, discarding the pulp. Pour watermelon juice into a pitcher and add the pink lemonade concentrate. Stir well to combine.

Yields 2 quarts.

Rookie's Notes: Want to do colored sugar like me? Add some sugar to a plastic container. Squeeze in a few drops of food coloring. Put the lid on the container and then shake it like a Polaroid picture.


Wizarding Wheezer said...

This sounds wonderful! I've recently developed an allergy to watermelon and other fibrous fruits, so it's been so miserable to watch all of my friends and family enjoy their watermelong over the summer. This looks like a perfect way to enjoy some watermelon without trouble. I can't wait!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I'll be laughing right along with you tonight. Oh, except maybe an hour earlier because of the time zone? :)

{natalie} said...

i am looking forward to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which starts tonight.

That drink sounds good. I need a watermelon. Every time I buy one we don't eat it all and I hate wasting it. I might try again for this drink though.

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

GREAT TV night tonight!
Office, Community, Always Sunny!

Jodi said...

I read "I used pink lemonade in this batch." as "I used pink lemonade in this BIATCH." and I thought wow, what a sassy lemonade.

ruth said...

Just curious, what if I have fresh lemons? How would you do that. I love water melon juice. I make a watermelon, lime strawberry juice that is quite refreshing.

Lynley said...

haha! You make me laugh! I love your recipes! I have tried several of them and now I really want to try the watermelon lemondade! Remember our good 'ol days at Gap?

Nama said...

I love anything watermelon! Thanks for sharing. I'm also excited for NBC's lineup tonight. :)

rookie cookie said...

Whizarding: That is devastating. I mean that in the entire sense of the word. I hope you are able to enjoy this. Let me know.

Sweet Pea: I will be thinking of you when Michael Scott makes himself look like an idiot and I laugh nervously. I am sure you will be doing the same.

Natalie: Wasted watermelon? Oh geez. I will take it for you. Van would eat it for b, l and d. And I have never seen ALSIP. Heard good things tough. Maybe this season I will tune in?

Erin: Oh yeah! Community. Forgot about that gem. Welcome back Chevy!

Jodi: I wish I would have written that. I love that.

Lynley: Oh my gosh, I surely do remember the GAP. It was my first real job. Welcome to the blog. Comment more often.

rookie cookie said...

Oh yeah, Ruth, check your e-mail.

sarahe said...

glad you reminded me about parks & rec! hubs set the office to tape, but i had forgotten to set this one!

cat+tadd said...

HAHAHAHAHA polaroid picture

Shayne said...

this looks really good.

Please don't remind me that my shows are coming out and I am missing them. i really wish i could get the us networks here in mexico