Thursday, October 29, 2009

Roasted Green Beans

First off, I thought I would show you what my backyard looked like the other day. Jack was thrilled and Van was suspicious. In the dinner prayer that night, Jack said, "Dear Heavenly Claus, thank you for this food. Thank you for the snow and Santa coming to bring us presents." The day after the snow storm, we headed to Wal-Mart for a coat and snow boots. Jack just couldn't stand not being able to go outside and enjoy the snow. Looks like we will be trick-or-treating in the snow this year.

Anyways, onto the food...

Ethan brought home some quality haricot vert from Sam's Club. I had plans to saute them and to have them with spaghetti and sausage meat sauce. BUT, the pan I would have sauteed these in was being occupied by the sauce. So I used the oven instead. And they turned out delicioso. While the water boiled for the spaghetti, these little verts roasted away.

You might think, "Oh hell, you are posting a recipe for a simple vegetable side dish." Well, I am. But hopefully this will give you an idea of how to jazz up your side dishes. These green beans were crisp and my little boys loved them. Steamed vegetables are succulent, but can be a little boring when done over and over again. So next time, roast your green beans and peak the interest of your family. Someday I will post a recipe for roasted carrots. You will want to slap those carrots for having the audacity to taste so exceptional.

BTW, I thought I would share my most favorite thing in the kitchen right now. Olive oil in a squirt bottle. I have seen a few chefs in TV do this and I love that idea. Ethan got 6 plastic squirt bottles at the restaurant supply store for about $2. Not only can you put olive oil in them, but sauces for dessert would work well. Ethan uses them for hollandaise and creamed horseradish. So get your behind to a restaurant supply store and pick up some squirt bottles.

1 lb green beans
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp kosher salt
A few grind black pepper
1 tsp dried basil
Parmesan cheese for serving

Set oven to 425 degrees. Spread green beans on a baking sheet. Pour on the olive oil. Sprinkle on the salt, pepper and basil. Toss with your hands to coat the beans.

Roast for 25 minutes, stirring half way through. Remove from baking sheet and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese if desired.

Served with these: spaghetti with sausage meat sauce

Rookie's Notes
: Be sure to not over-salt the beans because the Parmesan cheese is salty by it's self.


Sweet Pea Chef said...

I cannot show the boys the first picture, as they would be sooo jealous you have snow. Funny, we went to Target this AM to buy boots (on sale this week!). We are so on the same wavelength.

If anyone gives you crud about a "simple" roasting recipe, let me know so I can give them a good virtual Talkin' To. I think you wrote awhile ago about how more and more you realize the beauty of a simple roasting. I agree. I never steam my asparagus anymore since it tastes super amazing just roasted. Same for other veggies too.

Jaylynn said...

MMMMM... I love roasted veggies, as do my 2 little ones. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE olive oil. We buy big bottles at Sam's so I use the squeeze bottles too. :)

Ingrid said...

Holy smokes! It's 84degrees here and you have ALL that snow! My babies haven't ever seen snow before.

Love roasted veggies.

Jennie said...

Oh my goodness! I love roasted green beans! That's the only way I like to eat them! I actually have a roasted green bean salad recipe coming up! Yummo!

Taryn said...

While you will be trick or treating in the snow....we will be heading out in 80 degree weather. Good times!

T&C said...

Yummm, veggies is where it is at with me and this pregnancy.....veggies and Sushi...shhh dont tell my doctor:)

Jessica said...

slapping carrots? isn't that against some sort of cooker's code?

Julie said...

Mmm...I'm quite a green bean fan and these look awesome! Can't believe that snow...yikes!

Janeen said...

Looks so good! I am really excitted to try this one on the kids. Green veggies are always a big hit at our house.

Mike and Jill said...

I can NOT believe you'll be trick or treating in the snow! I hope you post pics of the boys dressed up!
I've missed you! Glad to see you back.

Shanicherie said...

I'm making these tomorrow night! Can't wait!