Monday, November 9, 2009

While the sun still shines


If you have tried to call or text me in the last two weeks, my apologies for not replying. I didn't have a phone, but all is well now. I got my brother in-law's old phone in the mail. I am not one to want a fancy phone. I have all sorts of other needs in my life that I am a complete brat about, but a phone isn't one of them. My old, circa-2004 cell phone finally died and Matthew sent me his old one. I spent the afternoon deleting contacts like "Amanda Hot", "Sarah In-N-Out", "Miranda Chino" and "Jessica Slutty" from his phone. I should change the contacts in my phone to fit the person's personality. Like "Ethan Cheetos", "Megan Meany" and "Caitlyn Prego-face".

I went to the grocery store to pick up things for this week. I bought things for teriyaki meatballs and rice, curry chicken and rice and chicken knockers with balsamic garlic sauce. And hopefully I can develop recipes for shredded beef green chile enchilada bake and Italian sausage soup. I so enjoy going to the grocery store, even if I have to have my boys with me. They just eat their way through the store. Today, Jack had a donut, a banana and turkey from the deli. And then Van just ate donut hole after donut hole, but he was quiet.

I am getting my hair done tonight. My blue streaks have turned aquamarine. So I look more like a mermaid than mysterious. I am thinking a reddish brown. Caitlyn is a master of color.


Jessica said...

chicken knockers are my favorite.

also, at what age does it become socially unacceptable to eat your way through the grocery store? Because sometimes I really want to, but feel like I shouldn't. You know?

Kalli Ko said...

I would like to request thai chicken wraps with peanut sauce, because now I'm in love with them.

Also, my phone is following yours right out the door, what a follower.

Kalli Ko said...

And now I feel the need to apologize because that was a completely uninspired comment and so is this one.


Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

Merrick eats his way thru the grocer as well.
He knows all the usual stops.

Ingrid said...

Chicken knockers? Gonna have to check out that link.

You were kidding about your brother in law, right?

MH said...

I am so with you on the non-need for a fancy phone. I've had my little old style t-mobile phone for years now and it has problems all the time but I could care less. The t-mobile guy was even surprised that I have been a customer for so long with the same old phone, lol!