Friday, March 12, 2010

"This week has taken it's toll on me..."

Come on, sing the title like it was Maroon 5's "This Love". Yes, do it. I want you to.

Well, actually, this week hasn't been all that terrible. I just feel like it has because the uncomfortable meter with this pregnancy is rising, rising, rising. I was exchanging e-mails with Erica about our pregnancies. Due at the same time, both on our 3rd baby and both of our same bodies parts ache. Sleeping has become a chore and stairs have become Everest. This week has taken it's toll on me.

This weekend should provide a nice buffer for the coming week. Jack has started proclaiming Saturdays as Buddy Day for him and Ethan. They get to be buddies and do something fun, like play catch or throw rocks in the pond by our house. What is it with boys throwing rocks into bodies of water? They love it. They could do it over and over again.

This Saturday, the Girl Scouts will be outside my local grocery store. I did my homework and checked online to see where they would be. I am going to take my big bucket of loose change, turn it into bills at the Coinstar in the grocery store and then turn around and blow it all on cookies. All of it.

This Saturday also came with a request from Son One for fish tacos. I think we can oblige him. Whether we make them or buy them, I am game. The child has a penchant for seafood of all sorts. Which I think makes up for his dislike of tomatoes, onions and avocados.

This weekend will also be me, Ethan and the laptop, combing over his menus for work. Revising, improving, perfecting. One thing that is definitely going to be added will be the new roasted red pepper tepenade bruschetta with Camembert he served at a recent food tasting. I don't like cheese, but I think this combo sounds perfect.

Amid the coloring books, board books, Playdough and movies, I think this weekend will also bring some glazed lemon yogurt cupcakes. The recipe for these has been dancing about in the back of my mind for a few days. I am thinking they will be light, tart and delicate. Like something to have with afternoon tea.

I am not going to wish you a happy weekend like so many people do. I am just hoping my weekend is happy. If yours happens to be too, great. If not, hope for a better one next time.


Brianna said...

This might be a stupid question, sorry if it is.. but some of your posts are labeled Rookie Original Recipe, does that mean that you made up the recipe? Just wondering.

{Erica} said...

Our little email exhange gave me the boost I need. I think knowing someone that is suffering right along with me helped. Am I twisted or what? Feel free to send venting emails my way about any body part that hurts or the other lovely ailments that come along the last few months of pregnancy.

I was super stoked to find out that girl scout cookies go for $4 around these parts. While living in Iowa they were $6 a box. Because of the cost difference I was able to justify purchasing a lot more of these dnagerous treats. I like to munch on them while watching Conference.

Your weekend sounds fun and productive. I'm sure it will be a happy one.

Emily said...

Where do you buy camembert?

Kalli Ko said...

uh that roasted red pepper with cammerbet was bomb

Emily said...

I'm with Kalli Ko--that roasted red pepper bruschetta with Camembert was to die for!

rookie cookie said...

@Emily - See the cheese monger at any Harmon's. At the one in Orem, ask for Steve. Tell him Ethan sent you. Truly, the guy knows Ethan.