Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July, like you care.

I suppose I should tell you about my 4th of July weekend, right?

It was started with a trip to the army surplus store. If you want Jack's head to sufficiently explode, you take him to the army surplus store. He left the store completely outfitted for whatever battle could take place in our yard. He even got a dog tag with his name on it in case the Nazis kill him and he needs to be identified. While I love my boy dearly, I am pretty much over his current military phase. He shouts out orders, wears the same clothes everyday, salutes and calls me ma'am all day. I am not exaggerating.

On Saturday night, we had my parents over for grilled steak, lemon herb foil potatoes and nectarine and plum salad. The best part of foil potatoes is picking off the stuck potatoes on the foil. They are crisp and have soaked up the leftover butter. I let my dad have them because he was nice enough to hold Vi while I ate my steak, which was a little overcooked, Ethan. Sorry. I thought you knew I liked my steak medium rare.

Sunday was church in the morning. It was Jack getting in trouble in his primary class, me holding more pink dress than baby, Van chewing gum for the entire 3 hours and not swallowing it and Ethan wearing a new light tan suit that he wants to wear all the time. He is calling it his summer suit.

After church, it was naps and then time for my whole family to pile into my house and eat barbecued chicken and corn on the cob. We are traditionalist around here. And then it was time for the fireworks. Oh the fireworks.

Ethan had an unreasonable addiction to fireworks this year. I think it has something to do with fireworks always being illegal in California and him not getting his fill over the years. We had over 100 fireworks. Way too many Piccalo Petes, tanks, helicopters, zipper flowers, smoke bomb, Moonshines and a Bug Zapper for the grand finale. Most of my family left early. Lightweights. My little boys went to bed with dirty feet and smokey hair.

Did I take any pictures all weekend? Nope. My camera and her battery are on their last legs. But I am not too sad. We have been together for over 3 years. Not too bad, considering she is pink and a colored camera shouldn't last that long.

Oh Eeeeeethaaaaaaaan, it's time for ol' Rook Dawg to get a new camera.


Ingrid said...

:) Sounds like a good (& yummy) time was had.

I wanna new camera,too! Good luck on getting yours.

ChromePlatedGirl said...

I care.

rabidrunner said...

Oh. That was funny. Funny, funny. I especially like the part about holding more pink dress than baby.

[Morgan] said...

like i care.
of course i do.
i love these posts from you.
cause you did mean ME right?

even though you did a fantastic job painting a mental picture, i still find myself wanting to see how cute that violet was in pink and just how summery the tan suit is....

so glad my kids weren't the only ones going to bed with dirty feet:)

[Morgan] said...

wanting pictures is my way of saying, hey ethan buy whitney a new camera.
in case that wasn't clear:)

bjahlstrom said...

So, do we get the recipe for that fantastic-sounding salad?

Hen Pecks said...

The tanks were the best. Most bang for the buck.