Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Facebook

I finally started The Facebook. I resisted, but the powers that be got to me. Will you be my friend? Click HERE for my profile and request to be my friend.

In my photos, I have this picture of Violet:

And my sister Megan commented,

"Probably the best picture I've seen of her.
You should send it to me to fancify so you can post it."

So there you go. Megan could be right. This a is a great picture of my little flower. Just look at that little perfect mouth.

Currently, Violet is sitting next to me on the couch and she just filled her drawers. Gotta go.


C.C. said...

I was shocked when I saw your comment regarding garage fridges. Even more shocking is that Megan is on facebook. What the what?!

Sparks said...

Good heavens. It's one thing that your'e actually on there. It's something entirely different that you're whoring for friends on your blog.

And I'm so glad that you posted this. It's still up in Photoshop on my computer and when I just turned it on I was was confronted with and awed by the perfectness of that lil' mouth and her pretty blue peepers.

How could I see the picture and not say something, you know?

Hen Pecks said...

Hey everyone, that darling baby is MY granddaughter.

Just so you know.

MH. lovely by m said...

it's okay whit, i hate facebook but i'm actually leaving a status update from time to time now. it gets to the best of us.

jen said...

fancified to the max, and love it.
so precious! even the dookies.

Melissa said...

And another awesome person caves and joins the evil empire of facebook- at least you can say it's to further your cooking blog right?? I do enjoy your recipes and your quips.

Jessica said...


Megan said "whore."

Julie said...

She is complete perfection.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying such nice things on a blog I didn't think anyone really paid attention to. You made me feel a bit less alone today. I really needed that.

Ingrid said...

She's a beauty! God bless her!

Stephanie said...

um....Im in love with her.... Simply in love.... can i have her??