Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dressed to Bless

Violet was blessed a month ago. Family came to town and fun was had. Violet looked so beautiful in her blessing dress. With Violet being my first daughter, I was excited to have a really special dress for her. And long before Violet was born, I knew who would make her special dress. Megan Hall.

Megan custom made Violet dress with impeccable detail and quality. The dress is truly heirloom quality. Something more baby girls in our family will be able to wear for their special blessing day.

If you can't find the blessing or christening dress you want, Megan Hall is your girl. Click here for her website and contact information.


*Lauren* said...

You have such a beautiful dauther! Every Mommy need a little girl to dress up--it stems from childhood and dolls.

Kalli Ko said...

she is so lovely, perfection!

HollyElise said...

Oh the cute!

Beautiful dress, beautiful girl!