Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Gym

This is Van’s new favorite. He lays under this a lot. You like it? You can have one made just like I did. Click here. Susan accepted my alchemy offer on Etsy and she now will be selling them. I like it because it doesn’t look like the circus that a lot of baby equipment can tend to look like. And I can attach whatever toys I want to it. It also comes apart and Susan made a sturdy denim bag for the pieces. But the best is that she stained it with tea, so if Van gets rabid and wants to chew on it, no harm will be done. Thank you Susan!


M said...

You're making me want children everyday!
and P.S. funny that you linked me to dandee because i looked at her site ages ago and wow has she spiced it up...thanks for reminding me of her!

cat+tadd said...

Wow, that angle of Van looks exactly like Jack. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

birdonthelawn said...

yep, so i am getting one. thanks for the tip. i hate ugly crap.

Jones Family said...

Wow, Van is really looking like Jack. You think they were made from the same recipe or something???

Jodi Jean said...

that's pretty darn cool actually!!

eRiCa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I wish I had this for my first 2...the next baby will love it as much as I love having it out because it's classy and not so "kid".

PS got my dvd on Saturday, sending yours back today.

rookie cookie said...

M, you should have some babies. It is great fun. And yes, Dandee is great. Like I said, I invited her to be my mom.

Kitten, yes, he is his brother. p.s. thank you for helping me move all my sheezy.

Jones, yes they look alike, but what about your babies? Boy and girl and from the mold.

Jocole, oh yeah. Fin would want one.

Erica, good, I am glad you got the movie. Did you love it? And yes, for sure, get one of these for Grover #3.