Friday, October 2, 2009

It's that important

Guess what, I can't take a blogging break. BlogHer just won't allow it. Something about posting every week. Oh well, I am sure I can muster up a post once a week. It's not hard to have something to say. Having something to cook is another thing.

As I type this, I am sitting in Sparks, NV on my sister's beautiful, comfortable chocolate brown sectional. It is a quiet morning, for I didn't bring any children with me. There is just the sound of a small Yorkie sleeping next to me. My other sister Caitlyn and I were welcomed with Marie Callendar's pie and there is slow cooked applesauce for breakfast. And once again, let me reiterate that it is quiet. Ever so silent. A cyber high five to my husband for willingly wrangling the little boys while I escaped across the salt flats and into the corner of Megan's chocolate brown sectional.


When I posted about my day from hell, you were probably thinking something terrible happened. It didn't. Ethan just had to do a difficult medication induction. All is well and he is feeling great.

Anyways, while Ethan was preparing for his ordeal, my brother in-law wanted to help. But he lives far away. So he thought he would send something and spices came to mind because Ethan likes to cook. So my brother in-law decided to send Ethan a pound of fancy, expensive cinnamon from Penzeys.

We now have a pound of cinnamon. Some of the finest cinnamon you will ever smell or taste. I highly recommend it. Click here to buy.

If you start feeling shoppy and want to buy more from Penzeys, I recommend their Chicago steak seasoning and their whole nutmegs. And I know Cafe likes their lavender.


Mrs. Organic said...

An escape sounds heavenly. Enjoy it. Also, not a whole lot beats high quality cinnamon. Unless of course, it's high quality chocolate.

Tricia said...

glad you're still around.....i miss your posts. i must say i'm just dyin' over your CUTE header!!! it's adorable, and I'm hungry.....for the soup that's on the far right end. can you tell me what it is? it looks delicious!

and enjoy your escape....that kind of quiet is the BEST!

Ingrid said...

Enjoy your break!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

That is the best cinnamon. I'm almost out. Dang.

You really should have taken me with you.

by M said...

Good because even though I knew you were on hiatus I still clicked over here everyday anyway.

ec said...

thank you blogher!

Shanicherie said...

Whitney, do you have any good pumpkin choc chip cookie recipes? I had a reeeeally good one once upon a time, but it's gone missing! And since I 100% trust you when it comes to cooking, I thought you'd be the person to ask!